How To Order

Items Needed To Place Order

  • Manufacturer name and product sku# number
    Product sku# numbers are included on all of our pages
  • Square footage needed
    It's a good idea to get at least three measurements from installers if you're hiring out the work. How to measure? (link to Measure)
  • Necessary accessories
    Double check. There's nothing worse than placing an order to find out you missed something weeks later. Nails, Underlayment?***
  • Shipping address
    Residential, business, or freight terminal pickup.
  • Billing information
    Billing address must match your credit card statements
  • Phone contact numbers
    Our shipping companies need the most accessible phone numbers you have.

How to Order

Simply select from our online store. And you can contact us directly online or call (877) 522-4662.

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Premium Wood Flooring
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Environmentally Friendly

A sustainable floor can be good
for the environment and also for
the eyes.
Here are a few attractive
green flooring solutions.

Matte Laminate Solutions

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